Cabo (Kaboo) card game

Cabo Kabu card game rules.


Cabo  (russian edition)

Each player receives 4 cards face down. After each deal, players can look at their two cards.

Players clockwise perform one of three actions:

1) take a card from the draw pile and either leave the card (putting one of your cards in the discard pile) or discard it (if the card drawn and discarded is a pick card, the pick card can be used if desired),

2) select a card from the discard pile and put one of its cards into the discard pile


If you take out a card and don’t leave it for yourself, but put it in a reset, then you can optionally do the following:

7 or 8: a player can “peek” at one of his cards.

9 or 10: “spy” on one of the cards of another player.

11 Jack: Swap any cards on the table between any players.

12 Queen: look at any card, any player, and swap any cards on the table between any players.

When a player calls a Kabu, each of the other players gets another move, and then everyone must turn their hidden cards face up and fold the cards from their hand. The player with the lowest score wins.

Black Kings: Watch two change one.

when a card appears in the discard, you can discard the same rank there, including someone else’s move, but only the first person has time.

including someone else’s, having reported to him two cards


Black Kings: 13

Red Kings: -2

Joker: 0

Ace: 1


Kabu rules in russian


Your goal in CABO is to minimize the total value of your cards, but you don't know what all your cards are at the beginning of the game. By using certain powers to peek at your own cards, spy on your opponent's cards, or swap a card with an opponent, you can try to minimize the value of your cards. When you think you have the lowest value, you can call "CABO" to end the round, but everyone else gets another turn. In the end, the player with the lowest total wins.